New Plains Review Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Featuring: Adam Davies * Martin Ott * Keri Withington * D. Dina Friedman * Jonathan Duckworth * Gina Marie Bernard * Nathan Wiley * Christine  Nichols * Rachel Marie Patterson * Daniel Aristi * Morgan Blalock * August Mather * Deborah Eckroat * Ana Prundaru * Thomas Gillaspy * Corrie Reagan * Geoff Watkinson * Laura Bernstein-Machlay * Mark Blickley * Ace Bogges * Jason Wilson

Cover Artist: Matt Gold



Spring 2017

The purpose of 1890: A Journal of Undergraduate Research is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to demonstrate their interests and abilities in various disciplines by accepting works of research, creative writing, poetry, reviews, and art. New Plains Student Publishing uses 1890 to encourage, recognize, and reward intellectual and creative activity beyond the classroom by providing a forum that builds a cohesive academic community. 




The Central Dissent

Fall 2017

The purpose of The Central Dissent is to gather academic and creative works and provides platform for gender theory and identity. It includes sections that focus on how race, class, and ethnicity shape society’s expectations of people currently and historically.