History of New Plains

The University of Central Oklahoma is one of the first institutions of higher learning to be established in Oklahoma; as a result, it is one of the longest running universities in the southwestern United States. The University is still going strong today, and it is dedicated to instructing through the methods of transformative learning. This method aims to not simply teaching students, but to teach them through opening their minds to other possibilities and viewpoints — to not only make them better scholars, but to make them better people. We hope that our journal is an inspiration to all our readers.

About Us

New Plains Review is published semiannually in the spring and fall by the University of Central Oklahoma and is staffed by faculty and students. We are committed to publishing high-quality poetry, prose, screen/playwriting, short films, flash fiction, etc. by established and emerging writers. New Plains Review started in 1986 as a student publication of the Liberal Arts College of Central State University. They solicited and published manuscripts from students of the humanities. Over the years, New Plains Review has expanded its range to invite writers beyond the university community. We receive hundreds of submissions from all over the country, and the authors we publish range from well-known to the soon-to-be-discovered.