Zoom University

By Timi Matlack | February 23, 2021

I, like many current college students, am an attendee of “Zoom University”—and this learning experience is surreal. In fact, it is so bizarre I can only describe how I feel about it using a metaphor. It’s like being strapped onto a roller coaster (that you didn’t stand in line to ride) and just succumbing—no, enduring—the sheer physical torture of g-force, centrifugal force, and all the other laws of physics that apply to roller coasters. Like every wild ride, this pandemic … READ MORE…

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Adventure Blog Spec

By Bailey Dickey | February 18, 2021

I have officially lived in Oklahoma for more consecutive years than I have lived anywhere else. This is an impressive feat given that I am a military brat. Due to my nomadic lifestyle, I often get bored of my surroundings quickly. However, I recently noticed that Oklahoma is not too shabby if you know where to look. Mount Scott – 2,000 and Some Feet Above Comfort Zone You stare up at the peak of the mountain and quickly realize that … READ MORE…

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The Awakening

By Logan Cohen | November 12, 2019

In life we often encounter defining moments of self, where the membrane of who we are and who we are meant to be is pulled so molecularly thin that we are forced to choose between the two. Our journey begins at the mouth of a cave; clothed in multiple layers, but yet there is no snow. We stand, gazing in fear of what awaits inside. Here we make our first choice; to walk willingly into the unknown, or return back … READ MORE…

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Short review of the Ethnic American Literature course at UCO in Edmond, Oklahoma

By Joshua Barnett | December 20, 2016

The University of Central Oklahoma has recently hired Dr. Iliana Rocha, whose debut book, Karankawa, won the 2014 Donald Hall Prize in poetry. Along with her Creating the Poem class of her inaugural year, she also taught Ethnic American Literature. It may be safe to say to the reader that Oklahoma has a strong cultural vibrancy strongly linked to Indigenous People, and we certainly must not forget the struggle of our African-American brothers and sisters who suffered one of the … READ MORE…

Good Day!

By Joshua Barnett | December 19, 2016

New Plains Review started thirty years ago with a general purpose of helping students at UCO help get published, but soon realized a prestigious journal resists limitations. With the invention of the internet, literature took an abrupt shift and simultaneous submissions took a steep hike. New Plains has understood the importance on keeping with the times while maintaining the prestige in being a worldwide literary journal, and are in our first times of reaching out for submissions beyond poetry, prose, and visual … READ MORE…

Новости Игрового Клуба Адмирал 777

By Alec Whetsel | February 25, 2013

Новости Игрового Клуба Адмирал 777 Игровые автоматы казино Миллион – это отличный способ провести время не только весело, но и прибыльно. Но это совершенно не означает, что казино и онлайн игровые клубы могут строить свою деятельность по собственному желанию