No Shame in Working

When I switched my degree to Creative Writing, I was elated. For the first time in my life, I truly felt called to do something. There was no better part to my day than to have an excuse to crack open my laptop, brew some tea, and begin writing. 

When I switched my degree to Creative Writing, the first thing I was asked was, “But what will you do for money?” Apparently, the work I was majoring in was considered a hobby, not a career. If it didn’t make cash, it wasn’t a career.

Regardless, I told myself that I wasn’t going to look at the negatives, but rather, I was going to focus on why I chose my degree. The passion I had for writing, the joy I felt hosting readings as well as participating in them; these are the reasons I felt so drawn to the degree in the first place. They eventually began to drown out the noise of pestering thoughts such as: 

What if you never make money? What if you will need a second job? What if you never get the chance for your dream? 

Then, a summer later, I took a job in insurance. When I was licensed, my first thought was: 

Now I won’t starve when I graduate!

The thought hit me like a narwhal running into an ice block. Was I giving up on my dream by pursuing money in something completely out of the field I was studying? I knew right out of college I wouldn’t be able to get the best job in my career immediately, but was I giving up on my goals to make money? Was I letting myself down for cash instead of being true to myself in a typical cliché style? 

I talked to a friend about my concerns. We met for coffee, ranted, laughed, and looked at each other’s work before I asked her: “Am I giving up on my dream to make money?”

To which she replied, “There is no shame in working until you achieve your dream. Whatever that may look like.”

She’s right. You can work to build on your dream without losing it. There is no shame in taking a job so that you can really pursue your dream. As long as you keep that passion alive, it is always attainable. Just because the hopes that you have don’t immediately bring you big bucks, does not mean you can’t chase after them.