Featured: “Millionaire” by Mab Jones

When we think of love, we see big, romantic gestures, flowers, and long kisses in the rain, but it’s so much more than that. Mab Jones, poet and writer, reminds us in her poem “Millionaire” that love is a collection of simple moments, quirks, and affectionate interaction.


“Millionaire” is a visual poem collaboration between Jones and Lauren Orme, a director and animator. The two met through projects with Winding Snakes Productions. Jones asked Orme if she’d be interested in making one of her poems into a film and thus “Millionaire” as we know it was born.


“This piece is the result of love,” Jones said, “love for a person, but also love for our different creative forms, poetry and animation.”

The project was unfunded, “done just for the joy of it.”

I certainly appreciate this piece of art and hope that all of you do, as well. The poem was dedicated to Jones’ boyfriend at the time, poet Johnny Giles.

You can find Jones’ website here and Orme’s here. Feel free to explore more of their art and spread the joy.

The Spring 2017 Edition of New Plains Review will be available for purchase in May.

Kellyn Eaddy
Kellyn Eaddy

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