Finding Comfort in My Favorite Band

The five members of the band The Wanted.

Have you ever been saved by a band? I have. In 2011 I was going through a lot. My grandma had just been diagnosed with stage four liver failure, one of my best friends moved to a different state, and my job was incredibly stressful. I was at an all-time low and that’s when I found The Wanted. They were formed by Jayne Collins in 2009 but didn’t make it in America until around 2011-2012. Many people will remember their song Glad You Came as the summer anthem of that year, but it’s their songs I’ll Be Your Strength and Gold Forever that got me through those difficult times.

In 2013 they came to America and signed under Scooter Braun which, to me, was the worst decision they had ever made. They announced early that year that they were going to do a reality show and I told my friends that that would be the end of them. Sure enough, later that year they announced they were going on hiatus. I was incredibly lucky that their last show was in Shawnee and so I and my two best friends got to go see them live before they split up. It was a very emotional night to say the least, but we had fun.

Last year one of the members was diagnosed with a stage four glioblastoma brain tumor and it was devastating to hear. The fans (the TWFanmily) all gathered around him as much as we could online, and he’s been doing amazing with the treatments and the tumor has even shrunk! Last month they announced they were getting back together to do a concert to raise money and awareness for glioblastoma. The concert was thankfully live-streamed and so I was able to watch it a couple of days afterward and my heart melted seeing them all together on stage again.

Having The Wanted back together after seven years has actually shown me that I wasn’t as happy as I had pretended to be, but it’s something I’m working on and it has also shown me that no matter what, the TWFanmily will always be there for each other.

Kirstie Hocker
Kirstie Hocker

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