How To Address Writer’s Block

We all have it. That abrupt halt in the intense, speed-of-light journey that is writing. Some call it writers block, others see it as a need to figure out exactly what they are attempting to say. Whatever we call it (doesn’t matter), we all find ourselves slaves of this mystical force.

If I am blocked, which happens too often, I usually just start writing whatever enters my head. I do this until I feel some give to the wall of diamonds blocking the road to the completion of my prose or poetry. Therefore, just keep writing, the block is not permanent, it is simply an obstacle that, if properly worked through, will improve your writing as all negative things can improve you, given the chance.

Have you ever arrived to the point where you realize you haven’t written in months? Exercising your creative muscles is important, and ignoring it can be a major contribution to writer’s block. So even if you have to make time before bed, or work, or on your lunch break for 10 minutes, make time for writing. The daily practice will help you learn how to avoid or work through any mental blocks.

Once I return to writing after a long time away, I seem to always hit a wall, but all I do is laugh. It thinks it can stand against the force of creativity, but as a writer, I know better than to let it stop me. All we need to do is destroy it by continuing to write.

So, if you feel a block coming, don’t worry about the blinking cursor, or the blank sheet of paper. Fill them with fantastic stories until the block quits in despair.

Joe Zook
Joe Zook

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