Inspiration is Fleeting

Inspiration, that fickle little beast that makes you unable to concentrate, let alone do anything else until it uses your pen to leap onto the pageor at least that seems to be how it feels for me. Don’t let it fool you though. Inspiration is something that doesn’t show up often, and most times you might have a deadline.

You might not have time to wait for inspiration to strike. Don’t be waiting for it, lure it out with the following ways: you could sit down and determine to write on a writing prompt every day; you could get with your friends and pose hypothetical stories through brainstorming (a verbal Madlib if you will); you could read your favorite genre and use that as a jumping off point.

Never let lack of motivation or inspiration not firing paralyze you, because it will stop your dreams quickly, if not immediately. Sitting down and writing on somethingeven if it is a promptdoes many things for your imagination. It stimulates it, and keeps it stimulated so that you can go from prompt to writing project, whatever form that manifests itself in. The brainstorming just gets the story generator pumping through the system checks it needs to push out something for you. Reading your favorite genre usually does a little more though, simply because it reminds you of the necessary rules and limitations of the genre, as well as it puts you back in the role of the reader.

Joe Zook
Joe Zook

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