“It Was Alright” by Matt Zambito

It was alright
to meet you that first night
is an understatement what
Analogy exams are worth a whole lot
of nearly nothing
is to overstatement. Really:
What could be more radically ideal
than the whole forsaken universe being


even if only for a
moment so brief
no word could be
long enough to describe it? But

you’re italics in italics and you’re
doing a bang-up job,
by the sheer force of the
daydreams you share,
of making this basically
useless existence
worth placing value on: on
anything that can become a pronoun; on
anything with a past; on
anything vaguely peaceful
because vague is
what peace is.

Matt Zambito is the author of The Fantastic Congress of Oddities (Cherry Grove Collections), and two chapbooks, Guy Talk and Checks & Balances (Finishing Line Press). His poems appear in Crazyhorse, Pembroke Magazine, Arts & Letters, Kestrel, and elsewhere. He writes from Spokane, Washington.

Sydney Vance
Sydney Vance

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