Lightning Bolts and Scars

Gregory Ormson works with Russell Thorburn, NEA award recipient, in creating works of poetry and song. Thorburn is a playwright with several books of poetry and a novel. Gregory Ormson’s ‘Midwest Intimations’ was the winning essay in the Eastern Iowa Review’s lyric nonfiction contest (Summer 2017) He won Indiana Review’s 13 word tweet contest in 2015. Guitaris Derrell Syria joined Ormson and Thorburn on this song/poem collaboration. Ormson words, Thorburn piano and edits, Syria guitar.


Twitter: GAOrmson

“My words explore a soul’s stretch toward a white star emerging from lightning. This prose piece, in four minuets, finds its structural bones and narrative beat from the rhythm of an old red water pump.”

Recorded in Michigan (music) and Arizona (voice).

Gregory Ormson
Gregory Ormson

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