Local Open Mic Provides Space For Unique Performances

The Oklahoma City creative community has seen a lot of exciting growth in the past few years, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out local open mics, you’re truly missing out! Comics, singers, magicians, and all other artists are able to show off and improve their skills in welcoming environments around the city through these opportunities.

Though we now have open mics available every night of the week, one of my personal favorites is Public Access at District House, a local coffee shop and deli in the Plaza District. Every Monday, the mic welcomes artists of all kinds to perform for a local audience, usually ready for whatever strange, unique, and unexpected tricks performers have up their sleeves.

Kari Grant

The Mic is currently hosted by local comedians, Will Ogletree and Alex Sanchez, who work hard to provide a fun and new experience for the audience each week. “Its unique because it’s one of the few open mics in Oklahoma where you can do anything. There are no restrictions” said Ogletree. “It’s a space where you can perform in any way you see fit and try out new things on a regular basis.”

Jose Hernandez

By anything, they truly mean anything. One week, local comedian, Catherine Pitt, chose to spend her 5-minute time slot just knitting.

“It provides a space where people can try out new things, meet people making the same things, and have a place to practice performing in public” said Ogletree.


Public Access is every Monday at District House, starting at 8:00pm. Sign up for performers is at 7:30pm. District House is located at 1755 NW 16th St, OKC, OK, 73106.

Anna Dore
Anna Dore

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