Motivation Bridge

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This is an idea I got from HowToADHD, a Youtube channel for those with ADHD or loved ones with ADHD. Dealing with ADHD is not something I’m going to talk much about, as it is a large journey with many stories.

When it comes to doing anything, particularly things that require effort, people must cross the motivation bridge to begin the process. For many people, the bridge is complete or only missing a few planks, making the passage easy and the work easy to begin. For those with ADHD who have weaker executive functioning, the bridge is missing many more planks, which makes it much more difficult to cross the bridge and start working.

Planks go missing for everyone though. If I’m hungry it feels like there are only a couple planks for me to cross on, having to dance and leap across in order to start working. While this makes already hard tasks harder for me, hunger is something everyone feels and knows its distractions. Being tired works the same way, as both make crossing the bridge a task even for the most diligent of individuals. This is part of why sleep or nap is sometimes more productive than trying to work. Obviously sleep improves your critical thinking and makes the quality of what you’re doing better, but it’s critical to the actual doing of the thing as well. So if you’re tired after work, class, getting the kids to school: don’t feel guilty taking that powernap!

The same self-allowance for rest applies to food. I am trying to lose weight, but I’ve learned that school and strict calorie-counting are not simultaneously achievable for me. That doesn’t mean I order a pizza, because as one of our writer’s previous blogs discussed, bad food makes you feel bad. But it does mean I let myself make a taco, have that latte, or cook another microwave meal. It may slow one goal down, but it doesn’t put it in reverse and it allows me to put my efforts toward school. So if you’re trying to lose weight but also trying to achieve and grow in other ways, don’t beat yourself up! Just like a nap, take a few more calories. One step a day is great, but a quarter step a day still takes you forward. And when you’re providing yourself more planks of motivation, those quarter steps will still get you across.

Bradley Wood
Bradley Wood

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