Visual Art by Amy Hambrecht

July 4, 2018

Amy Hambrecht is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She investigates space through the experimentation of mediums. Untitled, oil on masonite panel, 4ftx6ft, 2017   Room With A View With A View, oil, pencil, acrylic, gesso on linen, 3ftx4ft, 2017

Barista by Blaize Dicus

July 3, 2018

Blaize Dicus is a graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma. His thesis questions genre by melding prose and poetry to tell one narrative that explores the influence of internal and external forces on identity.   Barista She loves A$AP Rocky. She listens to every word her mother tells her. She cuts her curls short. She hears, You look like a boy now. She doesn’t care what her father says. She cries alone, in her Pottery Barn comforter. She … READ MORE…

Electrostatic & Magic by Mitchell Nobis

July 3, 2018

Mitchell Nobis is a writer, an educator, and an aging pickup basketball player in Metro Detroit. A Philip Levine Prize semi-finalist, his work has appeared in English Journal and other publications. He co-authored Real Writing: Modernizing the Old School Essay, a book for writing teachers. Find him at @MitchNobis. Electrostatic & Magic Our atoms are            99.9999999999996% empty, yet here it all is, everything. Here we are, empty. Maybe that explains the anxiety that keeps us … READ MORE…

Hardly Worth Mentioning by Sarah Mueller

July 3, 2018

Sarah Mueller is a student at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. When not writing, she enjoys taking care of her chickens and avoiding major sporting events.   Hardly Worth Mentioning The night is dark except for the soft cigarette glow between my fingers. Somehow it’s even hotter back here behind the main cabin. But it’s the last place anyone would look for stray smokers, so here I am.

Photography by Jury S. Judge

July 3, 2018

Jury S. Judge is an internationally published artist, writer, photographer, and political cartoonist. She contributes to The Noise, a literary arts and news magazine. Her ‘Astronomy Comedy’ cartoons are also published in the Lowell Observer. Her artwork has been widely featured in literary publications such as Claudius Speaks, South 85 Journal, The Tishman Review, and Dodging The Rain. She has been interviewed on the television news program, ‘NAZ Today’ for her work as a political cartoonist. She graduated Magna Cum … READ MORE…

Colours of My Life by Smrita Jain

July 3, 2018

Size: 22”X30” (without frame) Medium: Tempera Pigment, Gold Ink, Pencil on Arches Natural White Cold Press Watercolor Paper 1/1 edition 2014 Life is a set of millions of experiences, all juxtaposed to create an illusion and sensation of happiness and sadness. “Colours of My Life”, is 1/1 edition from a series of more than 25 paintings created by Smrita titled, “Broken”. The series depicts Smrita’s life experiences–shattering moments that created an unforgivable hole. At the center lies, an illusion of … READ MORE…

Spoken Poems by Rose O’Gara

July 3, 2018

Rose is a sophomore in college. She’s not good at writing these, but she loves to write fiction and poetry, mostly, but anything when inspired. She lives with her family in Rhode Island, that tiny state everyone thinks is part of New York. She’s always gotten a kick out of that. My Mother Always Told Me:   They Say We Are What We Eat:   Wasteful Thinking: 

Spoken Poems by Stephen Scott Whitaker

July 3, 2018

Stephen Scott Whitaker is a member of National Book Critics Circle, and literary review editor for The Broadkill Review. His poetry, fiction, and essays have appeared in dozens of publications including Oxford Poetry, Anderbo, Grub Street, and others. He lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with his family. The podcasting duo, Alpine Strangers, recorded these poems. The Alpine Strangers consists of Nate McFadden and Cody Grimm. Surrender:    Winter Fever: 

Spoken Short Story by P.A.W.

July 3, 2018

P.A.W. is a musician, writer, dancer, and audio documentarian. After a few years traveling with the band Tumbling Bones (including two State Department-sponsored tours of Eastern Europe), P.A.W. refocused their energy into audio art. Most recently, P.A.W. finished production on a historical audio documentary titled, “Making an American Folk Song: Children, Go Where I Send Thee.” “The Christmas Tree” is a short story set to music. Text, arrangement, narration, and tin whistle by P.A.W. Audio engineering, mixing, and guitar by … READ MORE…

Short Play by Emma Johnson-Rivard

February 13, 2018

Emma Johnson-Rivard is a Masters student at Hamline University. She received her undergraduate degree in Film Studies at Smith College in Massachusetts and currently lives in Minnesota with her dogs and far too many books. Her work has appeared in Mistake House, the Olive Press, and the Santa Ana River Review.   The Painter Seeks A Muse And The Historian Lectures on Jack The Ripper A short play Two friends sit drinking coffee. The Historian carries a book bag. The … READ MORE…