Top 5 Writers for Children’s Literature in China

Children’s literature in China has a much shorter history compared to other kinds of literature. Even though the history is short, there are a huge number of classics. With the development of the genre, people in China now pay more attention to children’s education, which encourages the development of children’s literature in return. Here are the top five writers of children’s literature in China.

5. Shen Shixi

He is a bestselling children’s author in China. He is best known for his animal stories and is called the “King of Animal Stories”. However, all his animal stories have sad endings. The animals are eventually killed by other animals or people.

4. Qin Wenjun

She loves children a lot, and her stories are always written from the perspective of children. She uses details expertly. Her stories are humorous and impressive.

3. Yang Hongying

She is a bestselling Chinese writer of children’s fiction, who has been called “China’s J. K. Rowling.” As of 2013, her novels had sold more than 50-million copies. Her most popular works are the Ma Xiaotiao series and the Diary of a Smiling Cat series. The Ma Xiaotiao series is my favorite.

2. Zheng Yuanjie

He was once described as the “King of the Fairy Tales” in China. He’s famous for his characters PiPilu, LuXixi, Shuke, Beita, and Luke—these characters are even registered trademarks. His literature is well-known for being both delightful and educational.

1. Cao Wenxuan

The first winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award for children’s writing in China. He was hailed as a pioneer of Chinese children’s literature. His novels have been translated into different languages and have a strong influence in many countries. He is good at using simple words to describe the complex emotions.

Wenchuan Hu
Wenchuan Hu

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