Visual Art by Natalie Girsberger

NAT GIRSBERGER is a Swiss visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She collaborates with her unconscious to explore deep layers of being through collage. Girsberger adventures into the infinity of her psyche, breaking the structures that externally limit her inner vastness, creating new worlds that suit it. Her most recent exhibits include her solo show at Ivy Brown Gallery in Chelsea called ‘Transient Terrain,’ and shows at The Living Gallery Outpost, Carrie Able Gallery, 301 Studio.


Not What I Expected, Collage on Paper, 2017, 8×11


Drop Down, Collage on Paper, 2017, 8×6


Tune In, Collage on Paper, 2018, 6×9


Road Trip, Collage on Paper, 2017, 7×12


Realm of Nightmares, Digital Collage, 2018


Cosmic Drifters, Collage on Paper, 2017, 8×6

Logan Cohen
Logan Cohen

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