Why You Should Listen to Music When Writing

Music, in general, helps you focus. Is the dog barking annoyingly in the backyard? Your significant other playing video games too loud? No problem! Put in some earbuds and tune into your favorite playlist as you tune out all of the distractions of daily life. Music will take you away from this world and give you your own little writing bubble. Listening to music with no lyrics, like movie scores, classical, and EDM, are actually proven to maximize your focus and memory, as it activates both your right and left parts of the brain at the same time (Godkin). So, whether you are writing a Comp II research paper or working on your first draft of a novel, choose what music works best for you.

Listening to music while you write will also get those inspiration gears going. When writing, there is something so satisfying about listening to music that pairs with the genre of your work like the way a wine pairs with cheese. For instance, say you’re writing a short story about an elf prince on his journey to secure a precious treasure while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. It’s going to feel so much more alive, right? Or listening to techno music while writing about someone who lives on a spaceship. Even listen to rock music while you build a character who’s a total punk! Different genres of music will seep into your creativity and you will see clear results on the page.

So, moral of the story? Listen to music while you write. It helps you focus, it helps the creative process, and, frankly, it’s fun.

Reference: “Can Music Help You Study and Focus?” Northcentral University, 2 Jan. 2018. Web.

Mel Blasingame
Mel Blasingame

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Listen to Music When Writing”

  1. I cannot write without listening to music (and having a scented candle lit). It’s difficult for me to focus. Definitely put together a playlist specifically for your writing.


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